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How To Prevent Running Injuries

Running has the potential of making you feel good but not when you are hurt or injured. That is the level of a real risk posed by such a strong impact activity. Therefore, we have put some tips together to keep the chances of you sustaining a running injury to the barest minimum

Warming up and cooling off is essential.

Warming up makes the body fit for exercise or training and reduces the risk of damaging the muscles the joints which you would be using. A light jog for only five minutes will slightly increase your heart or pulse rate and is ideal for you, perhaps followed by a few dynamic moves or movement, striding and stretching forward. This will put you in the right frame of mind to engage the physical activity and it could help increase your pace a bit.

It is advisable to stop every exercise gently by gently cooling down instead of suddenly stopping and going for a bath. This results in a slower heart rate, and your body temperature slowly goes down and normalize to what it used to be.

You can cool off by performing a five minutes activity but at a slower speed or by just doing whatever activity you were doing but at a slower or reduced speed. Therefore, if you were running, the process of cooling could be a little jog, with which you would finally end your workout.

After you have cooled down, you might have to stretch a bit. However, the jury has not yet decided whether it can reduce the risk of injury or pain after training. As you stretch, focus on those muscles you used while you were running. Your quadriceps or thighs, hamstrings, calves, hips and your back. Keep them held for around 10 seconds and make sure you do not bounce. And remember, the pain you feel is not always a form of gain; your stretching should not hurt you.

Many dental and mouth injuries may be prevented by the following steps.

    • Consult a dentist or go for regular dental examinations. If your teeth and gums are healthy, you will recover faster and more fully from an injury.
    • Wear a mouth mask or guide while exercising or doing sports. A mouth protector/guard can be made or got from your dentist or bought at a store selling sporting goods.
    • During sports, wear a helmet and a face guard in games that can cause injuries to the face, mouth or head. If you use orthodontic appliances, for example, if you use a headgear or retainer, follow the orthodontist’s instructions for proper use and care.
    • Remove the headgear and use a protective mouth guard instead when doing sports.

By following these simple guidelines, you can be sure of avoiding and preventing running injuries.


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