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Justin Dempsey


Justin Dempsey, DC is a Waco chiropractor who serves Waco and the surrounding communities in TX.

He comes from central Illinois and has always enjoyed sports and an active lifestyle. He was raised in small towns and went to small schools. He understands small town values and respect. Justin Dempsey, DC went to Eureka College and graduated with an Exercise Science degree and from there he went to Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. Palmer College of Chiropractic is the oldest and first College of Chiropractic.

Justin Dempsey, DC is an accredited chiropractor in Waco that comes from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida. He had the opportunity in Florida to be able to study in adjusting techniques a year earlier than any other chiropractic college. He has been adjusting for the last 3 years and is well versed in a variety of adjusting techniques. He also knows many soft tissue techniques, and uses modalities for pain and a speedier recovery. His practice will focus on a well-balanced combination of chiropractic care, nutrition and exercise to promote the best possible healthy lifestyle for his patients.

Justin Dempsey, DC. will educate his patients to let them know the reasons they are experiencing the symptoms they do and how to prevent them. He finds where peoples current conditions are at, and treats them individually to make sure that their care is personalized to them. He will take time to address individual concerns and or questions you may have about chiropractic health, nutrition, and exercise so you can achieve good health and wellness.

Justin Dempsey, DC takes pride in treating people with the respect and dignity that people desire. He will apply this philosophy to his patients and make sure that all patients young, old, big, and small receive the same level of respect and due diligence in his treatment protocols. This being said, Justin Dempsey, DC treats each patient according to their needs and his ultimate goal is to get that patient out of pain, happy and healthy.

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