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Keep Stretching with These Moves

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You know that there’s nothing that feels quite so good as getting a good stretch in when you’ve been bunched up in a tight space or have just been in one position for a long time, but did you know that stretching can also be an important part of helping you stay flexible, healthy, and young?  There’s so much benefit that comes with stretching that goes beyond the feeling of relief as your muscles unwind. Below we’re going to provide you with a list of benefits stretching provides, and a few stretches that will help you take advantage of them.

The Benefits Of Getting Your Stretch On
As the years wear on your muscles are going to naturally tighten up as part of the aging process, but you don’t have to stand aside and just let it happen.  In today’s world we often don’t get up and move around and stretch enough, and that makes the conditions that come with age even more prevalent. The benefits of stretching can be found below:

  • Maintains Spinal Alignment – Have you ever noticed how you just feel better after having stretched your back, chest, and shoulders?  That’s because stretching these areas helps to keep your spine in alignment.
  • Maintain Range of Motion – You may notice that if you’ve spent a lot of time cooped up and not moving your ability to move within a certain range is reduced.  After a solid stretch, you’ll find that your range of motion increases again, which can help you prevent injury from tight muscles.
  • The release of Stress – There’s more than just a physical element to stretching, it also helps to release stress and clear toxins from the body.  How? Stretching causes blood to rush to those areas that are being stretched, helping to wash away accumulated stress-related chemicals.

Four Daily Stretches
So how to make sure you’re getting these benefits and helping to support your spinal and overall health?  It all starts by making a habit of doing simple practices like these daily stretches. Each of them will help keep you limber and ensure you have the ability to move without fear of injury.

  • Leg Stretches – Your daily stretch routine can start before you ever even get out of bed, you just need to pull one knee up as close to your chest as you can manage, and then gently pull it towards you to stretch the ligaments and muscles.  Then switch legs. Do this a few times and you’re ready to go!
  • Side Stretch – Now that your legs are all limber, hop up out of bed and sit lotus style, put your hands out in front of your palm outwards, and interlace the fingers.  Then move your hands, together, up over your head slowly, and then bend at the waist to your left, and then your right, keeping the hands over your head.  This helps loosen the muscles of your back, sides, and torso.
  • Spine Twist – Next!  Lay down on your back, raise one knee towards your stomach and hold it with the hand on the opposite side.  Then pull your knee towards that hand while looking in the opposite direction. Be gentle, but pull until you feel a gentle sustained stretch.  Then do it the other way.
  • Long Stretch – Stand back up, stretch your arms over your head, and try to feel like you’re pulling your toes up by your hands, stretching the entire body.  Then lean forward as far as you can, trying to touch your toes before returning to the upright position and standing back up on your toes. Do this a few times until you feel loose.

To ensure you have a long and flexible life you should make the call to Dr. Justin Dempsey of Chiropractics at the Premier Health and Wellness Center in Waco, TX. Their skill and experience will ensure you get great treatment and guidance towards a flexible future.

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