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Holiday Food and Health

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The rich smells and flavors of the holiday season are enough to tempt anyone into throwing their dietary caution to the wind, but there’s more than just your bikini body at stake if you do so.  Packing on extra pounds, even if you work them off after the season’s passed, results in additional stress to your spine and joints that can have a lasting effect. Thankfully you don’t have to pass up on your holiday favorites to avoid putting on the pounds, just make a few modifications to what you’re eating, and you’ll be able to subtly shave off the calories and save yourself some extra sweat in the year to come!

Cauliflower Is An Excellent Alternative To Potatoes
If you haven’t heard about the rising trend in cauliflower alternatives to potatoes it’s likely you don’t spend any time at all on social media.  Cauliflower and potatoes both share a mild flavor profile that makes them perfect for seasoning to perfection and provides a warm and filling dish that goes great with a rich gravy.

Grilling Fruit Brings Out The Sweetness
If you’re wondering how to satisfy your sweet tooth when you’re trying to avoid all the delicious pies available during the year, consider grilling your fruit.  The heat brings out the juices and caramelizes the sugars to produce an incredible flavor profile that will sate the hungriest sweet tooth. They’re perfect when served up with a side of Greek Yogurt too!

Speaking Of Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt is an excellent alternative to a lot of the creamy and sour favorites that come around this time of year, including sour cream.  By replacing the sour cream in your mashed potatoes with Greek Yogurt, you’re creating a unique dish that has all the appeal of a creamy and tangy bowl of mashed potatoes without packing in all the calories.  You also get a healthy dose of calcium to help keep your bones strong and healthy.

Pasta Is Perfect, But Zoodles are Zantastic!
Ok, we know that was a bit of a stretch for alliteration, but using Zoodles, noodles made from spiral cut zucchini, are really great!  They have all the bite and flavor of pasta and go incredibly with the same sauces you typically use for your pasta dishes. Additionally, this gourd is filled with a host of nutrients and minerals that aren’t available in pasta, making them a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional pasta.

When you’re planning out your holiday dinner this year consider these alternatives to create a healthier meal plan that will astound people with new flavors and varieties of food your guests may not have previously considered.  All of these options come with essential minerals and nutrients that aren’t available in the more common variations so everyone will feel better! Dr. Justin Dempsey has been suggesting subtle changes like these to his patients as just one of the ways the Premier Health & Wellness Center has been helping to improve the health of their patients in the Waco, TX area.  Don’t let this holiday season be another one filled with food guilt and regret, make healthy changes now!

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