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Get Moving This Summer: Activities For The Family

Warm picture of a family smiling and running through the summer sun

Summer is right around the corner. Schools will be out, the days will be longer, and you will have more time to spend with your family. Why not use this extra daylight to get active while spending quality time with the ones you love? There are several summer activities that you can do with your family that are great ways to get moving while having fun at the same time. Listed below are a few energizing, fun summer activities that you can all do together.


Go Camping:

There are so many wonderful things you can accomplish on a summer camping trip. In addition to teaching your kids how to survive without wifi, there is an assortment of fun, physical activities for you to try. Of course, there is always hiking. Pick a trail, visit a nearby ranger station if you are unsure about which trail to pick, and go on an adventure. While your hiking, you can have the family complete a wilderness scavenger hunt. Depending on where you camp, you may also be able to hike to a nearby nature center to learn more about the area where you are camping. Sometimes, there may also be ranger-led hikes and activities.


Have a Water Fight in the Backyard:

If you would rather relax in the comfort of your own backyard, try having a water fight. Fill up water balloons, buy some super soakers, grab the hose, pick teams, and battle! The first team that is soaking wet loses. Although, if it’s a hot summer day, maybe they are really the winners. Once everyone is completely soaked, you can also turn on the sprinklers for some extra fun or have your very own water olympics, performing normal sports with the addition of sprinklers.


Complete a Local Park Tour:

Make a list of all the local parks in your area and then take an evening walk around all of them. Check them off as you go, so you can make sure you visit every single one. Then, after you have visited every single one, have everyone vote on their favorite. This is a great way to learn more about your local community and enjoy a relaxing evening walk. If you have a dog, bring them along too.


Go on a Bike Ride:

Instead of jumping the car to go get smoothies from the corner market, hop on your bikes instead. In fact, get in the habit of riding bikes for any local trips that are within a reasonable distance. Or, look up some local bike trails and make it an evening ritual. There is nothing more relaxing than gliding down a bike trail as the sun begins to disappear beneath the horizon.


Learn a Summer Sport:

There are all kinds of summer sports you can do, and not all of them are impossible to learn or too physically demanding. Things like frisbee, croquet, lawn golf,  and bocci are relaxing summer sports that will get you moving without completely exhausting you. Other sports like volleyball, soccer, flag football, badminton, kickball, and wiffleball are also options, although these may require a bit more energy.


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