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Could Your Bed Be Hurting Your Body?

Woman sitting on the edge of her bed in pajamas holding a highlighted section of lower back that hurts

Three’s little that we look forward to quite as much as collapsing into bed at the end of the day for a long, quiet rest in a comfortable bed.  Sometimes we wake up feeling like maybe that bed isn’t as comfortable as we thought it was at first. Even if you feel warm and cozy when you first crawl into bed, waking up feeling sore and poorly rested tells you that your bed might not be doing your sleep any favors.  If you’re wondering if your bed is doing you more harm than good, read on and learn how to tell when it’s time for a new mattress.

What Defines A “Bad Mattress”?

The problem with defining what a bad mattress is comes from the fact that what makes a mattress ‘good’ varies from sleeper to sleeper.  Some mattresses are quite firm, with very little give to cushion your curves and joints. For some people this is a wonderful bed, for others a painful nightmare.  Other mattress have more give, conforming to your body and essentially feeling like you’re laying on a cloud. While this may sound like heaven to some, those who like a firmer mattress are going to suffer.  Some indicators of a bad mattress are clear, however. Stains, a lumpy appearance with uneven support, and bed springs that poke you while you sleep all tell you it’s time for a new mattress.

What Signs Will Tell Me My Bed Is Causing Pain?

One of the first signs that your mattress is causing you pain is if you always wake up exhausted and sore.  If you sleep on your side and wake up with aching hips or shoulders, there’s a message your body is trying to send you.  The same is true if you sleep on your back and wake up with back pain, or toss and turn all night trying to get comfortable.  If you’ve eliminated all of the other factors (adding exercise, no late night caffeine, and trying to reduce stress in your life) and you’re still not sleeping well?  Odds are good its your bed.

Other Factors That Are Impacting Your Health

Sometimes you’ll have a mattress that seems to be doing its job well, but you wake up feeling stuffy and generally unwell.  Beds can host dust mites, microscopic creatures that can lead some people to experience allergy type symptoms. If you find yourself experiencing night sweats there’s a possibility that your mattress doesn’t breathe enough, this is common with dense foam mattresses that don’t disperse the heat, or those wrapped in protective plastic.  Breathable pajamas can help correct this issue, but in some cases the bed will simply have to be replaced.

If you’re wondering if your health problems are the result of your nighttime resting place, it may be time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Justic Dempsey at Premier Health & Wellness Center.  This skilled physician helps families in the Waco, TX area live comfortably in their body with excellent health care and a shared critical look at the factors in their environment.

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