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Choosing the Right Chiropractor

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Picking a new health care provider can be a real challenge, and more than a little nerve-wracking.  Most of us avoid it if at all possible, but when you move to a new area or change insurance providers sometimes you just have to make a switch.  Choosing a chiropractor is just as important as selecting any other service provider, and there are a few things you should consider while in the process of doing so.  We’ll provide a list of these considerations and a few tips on how to ensure you’re making the best decision for your spinal health.

Simple Steps You Can Take To Pick The Right Chiropractor

  • Get Referrals – There is no better way to know that their patients are satisfied with their care than simply asking the people who’ve seen them.  They’ll give you real talk about their experiences with the chiropractor. Speak to a couple who don’t like them as well, just for balance.
  • Are They Covered – We should really start here, but it may be a secondary consideration for some people.  Check and see if the chiropractor you’re considering seeing is covered by your insurance and exactly what the terms of that coverage is.  You may have to pay some or all of the cost of your visits either from the beginning, or after a certain max number of visits has been reached.
  • Do Your Homework – The records regarding a doctors practice are publicly available, and you’re going to want to know if they’ve been subject to any disciplinary action.  You also want to check their credentials to be sure they’re actually qualified to do the work they do.
  • Visit Their Website – In our opinion if your chiropractor doesn’t have a website, you don’t need to be seeing that medical professional at all.  Having a website tells you that they’re up to date with their technology and believe in servicing the convenience of the patients.  Not having one is only acceptable if their practice is very new, and they should already have one under construction even then. “Coming soon” is certainly better than nothing.
  • Check Their Availability – Now that they’ve passed all the earlier tests its time to determine if they’re going to have a reasonable schedule for you.  Chiropractors who are booking a month or more out for new patients are probably too busy to properly see to your care, so it’s time to check out another option.  One week is best, two weeks is acceptable, anything past that means you need to find another office.

These tips are certain to help you find the best chiropractor for your lifestyle and schedule, as well as ensuring that they know exactly what you need to see improving spinal health.  Dr. Justin Dempsey is available at the Premier Health & Wellness Center in Waco, TX to see you about your chiropractic care. One phone call will set you up with an appointment and have you on the way to a healthy spine in time!

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