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Check Your Child’s Posture

A lifetime of good posture and excellent spinal health starts in the earliest days of our lives, and constant vigilance will ensure that it remains well into our golden years.  If you’re a parent you should be aware that monitoring your child’s posture is an essential part of their overall health, and that problems spotted…

5 Tips to Prevent Backpack Injuries

The backpack is a common accessory for sportsman and students alike, and during most of our younger days, we’d carry a backpack full of all the necessities of school life.  From books to pencils and paper they could wind up being a significant amount of weight that we carried around each day. Backpacks are also…

Breastfeeding and Chiropractic

Is your baby having trouble with breastfeeding including an inability to maintain suction, chewing on the nipple, or becoming irritable during and after nursing? Although breastfeeding is the best option for infants, some infants may struggle. But, did you know that these struggles may be able to be corrected with chiropractic care? During birth, the…

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